Accompanying Lyrics? Love Me Tender (E. Presley)

Coupled Copper Butterflies I photographed by Jeff Zablow at Neve Ativ, Israel

Every time I gaze at this image, I remember how pleased I was to find these 2 in that meadow at the foot of ancient Mt. Hermon, at the northern end of the Golan. They were there 98% motionless, for a long time. I shot away, singing in my mind the lyrics to Elvis’ Love Me Tender:  Love me tender, love me sweet . . . Never let me go . . . You have made my life complete . . . And I love you so.

This song makes Brooklyn tear up, and sights like this, just move me, truth be told. In a flowery meadow, in the HolyLand, on the slope of a Biblical mountain.

Lycaena Thersamon omphale. Male on the left, she on your right. Middle Eastern Coppers.