Rare Yellow On Mt. Hermon (HolyLand/Israel)

Gonepteryx farinosa butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Mt. Hermon, Israel

My many trips to Israel, the HolyLand produced thousands of images, most of those Fuji Velvia slide exposures ended up in the circular file (the garbage). Those trips to the Golan, Galilee, Rosh Hanikra, Netanya area, Jerusalem, Ein Gedi, Mishmarot and so much more yielded some images that brought great joy to me, though few knew of these spectacular captures that I made. wingedbeauty.com enables me to share them with you, and we can all agree that the beauty and diversity of the amazing Earth is boundless.

This female Gonepteryx Farinosa Farinosa was seen on Mt. Hermon, at the northernmost point of the Upper Golan, in June. They are only found on the top of that 7,000 foot high peak, and I was there just when they were fresh, and aloft.

On this day, Fathers Day in the USA, seeing this image, and remembering my excitement when I shot away, pleases me, alot.


One thought on “Rare Yellow On Mt. Hermon (HolyLand/Israel)

  1. wonderful to behold things so beautiful they excite one … amazing how oblivious so many are to so much beauty as yet remains in the world.


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