Image #2 Of the Rare Golan Butterfly

Pararge Aegeria Butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow in Northern Golan, Israel

Here’s our 2nd image of the rare Pararge Aegeria we found in that dry spring bed in the Golan region of northeastern Israel, the HolyLand. He’s sporting Jeff’s beloved browns and coffee-browns, with neat white ‘eyes’ in the two left upper wing surfaces that we see here.

Rare to the Middle East, Jeff was beyond happy! to find him. Want to meet-up with him? Head to the foothills of mighty Mt. Hermon, and today, know that more than 50,000 Syrian soldiers are just 4 miles or so away, they masquerading as Syrian soldiers, and driving vehicles masquerading as Syrian military vehicles.

War-like peoples don’t give a hoot about the butterflies and the pristine habitat, do they?