Butterflies In War Zones?

Golan Heights Seen from Belvoir Mountain National  Park, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Golan Heights, Israel

I was on Belvoir Mountain, in the Belvoir Mountain National Park in northeastern Israel. What do you see in this pic? You’re looking due north, into the Golan Heights of Israel. Just beyond the hill you see, is the Mt. Hermon range.

I was on Mt. Belvoir to find and photograph butterflies. When I looked north, looked as you’re looking now, I was pleased, for this area that you see supports many butterflies.

I again view this panorama, and it gives me pause, for I recently shared that Iran, a very belligerent, bloodthirsty country, has massed more than 50,000 of its soldiers on the north face of Mt. Hermon. They’re prepping for an invasion of Israel, they now dressed in Syrian army uniforms and they driving Syrian marked military vehicles.

It pains me that Israel, desperately seeking Peace, Israel with 2 of my grandsons there, looks forward to savage Syrian attack. This world, which prides itself as modern and advanced, continue to suffer barbaric episodes.

So in the very same plain, shown here, where I found beautiful butterflies, where Jesus, Joshua and King David walked, barbarians dream of butchery.

I close with some positive assurance. Israel is now equipped with an IAF (Israel Air Force) that no invasion should confront, for obvious reasons.

Butterflies, grandsons, God’s lush HolyLand. May it only see Peace.

Jeff . . . Serious for a Moment.

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  1. That was a very moving piece, Jeff. I didn’t realize your grandson was were living in Israel. ☮🦋


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