I Was There! I Was There!

Cow photographed by Jeff Zablow on Mt. Hermon, Israel, 6/16/08

I was there, on the peak of Mt. Hermon, the northernmost boundary of the HolyLand. That cow was there too, having made its way up to the top of this 7,000 foot mountain. At the time, there was no war there, it was 2008, Frieda A”H had passed in January, and I needed this trip to recover, recover from nearly 8 years of watching Frieda’s Non Hodgkins Lyimphoma/Stem Cell Transplant take her life . . .

That’s Syria down there. No war. No war. You’re seeing what, maybe more than 100 miles into Syria. Me? I was there to find and shoot very, very rare butterflies. I did, and I’ve shared them here, for years.

Today? Just today I read that Iran has slipped more than 50,000 of its soldiers into the land you see here. They’ve had them put on Syrian uniforms, and they’re driving around Syrian military vehicles. What does this mean? It means that Iran will soon begin a war right where you are looking, in this photo.

My Dad once told me (He served in WWII) that because he and your Dad, Uncles, Cousins fought in WWII, there’d be no more wars, ever again.

These bloodthirsty Iranians, once again, dispute what Dad told me. They are there to try to massacre Israelis, in these supposedly modern, new age times. I have 2 grandsons in Israel. Who among you will allow such?