Her Blue Spots! Ay Ay Ay! (HolyLand)

Lycaena Phlaeas butterfly, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Nahal Dishon National Park, Upper Galilee, Israel

She flew, and flew and flew. I followed, as you’d expect, for she was gorgeous. When such as us see such as this, we want a better look, a good photo image. No?

When she set down for a quick rest, I approached, set my left know down on my Tommy kneepad, a HolyLand blue butterfly, Lycaena Phlaeas timeus butterfly. I shot away, hoping that my Fuji Velvia 50 film would score some good images. I probably exposed 10 or 15, before she flew. Gone like a missile. The Uppermost Galilee, Nahal Dishon National Park. What 2 miles from Hezbollah killers in Lebanon?

The result here? Sweet like sugar. He deep orange, black white wing edges, wonderful hindwing orange and, and, and those baby blue spots!

How many of you have ever seen this butterfly? How many of you will ever visit Israel (the HolyLand itself) and seek this one?