Please Help Jeff Get This?

Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow in Jamestown Audubon Center, NY

Yes, this is one of my absolute favorite images. We were at the Jamestown Audubon Center (recently renamed) in far western New York. Barbara Ann Case (OBM”) was there with me, she having been one of its most stalwart volunteers before her health challenges. This Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly flew in, and I was stunned by its beauty. I shot away with my Fuji Velvia 50 film, and well . . . love this result.

Can you help me with something I puzzle over? In the 25 years that I’m seeking butterflies, I have never known of a “famous,” “prominent,” or “celebrity” man or woman who too loves butterflies and go out and searches for butterflies.

Horses have their lovers, as do dogs and cats and such. All have wealthy and “famous” fans. Butterflies, I think not. Why is that?