Copper Butterfly 10 Minutes From Caeseria

Copper Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mishmarot, Israel

This is the genre of thinking that I do when I’m photographing butterflies in Israel, the HolyLand. This Copper butterfly, so beautiful of wing, is the same that the ancient conquerers saw when they traveled to Israel those thousands of years ago. Aaron saw them, Jesus saw them, King David saw them and Jabotinsky saw them. Mishmarot, some 10 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.

This is the kind of thinking that excites me as I get down to see such a tiny butterfly closely, and realize, those who we revere and celebrate saw what I see!



2 thoughts on “Copper Butterfly 10 Minutes From Caeseria

    • Thanks. I’ve urged many to visit Capernum and the Galilee and Golan, but so far, can’t say that anyone has yet put that on their future list. I posted today, on that I remain puzzled that to my knowledge, no butterfly lover comes from the very moneyed, or celebrity ranks or high political office folks. Hmmmm.


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