Seen The Compton Tortoiseshell?

Compton Tortoiseshell Butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow in  Raccoon Creek State Park, PA

I have. Several times, as I search my memory. One of my most frustrating experiences in these decades was shared several years ago, the time that a gorgeous Compton Tortoiseshell butterfly rocketed down a trail I was one in the WildFlower reserve at Raccoon Creek State Park (what was its name?) It landed some 15 feet ahead of me, on a eight foot high giant tree stump. I was beyond myself with glee! and I was determined to shoot one of the finest Compton ever seen in the USA.

I made a super careful, robotic approach, 15 feet to cover minutes 18″ (Macro-lens). And? Some 5-6′ away, it rocketed away, continuing on that trail. I was so upset, pained by how close I came to a long-long-term goal.

Years later, having seen what, 2 more Compton, never closer than 20 feet from them, this happened. Uh uh! I was not going to go my entire life without an image. Not approaching further, I planted my Merrell boots and shot away.

Here is my image of A Compton Tortoiseshell butterfly, southwestern Pennsylvania. Knock this image at your own peril.