‘My What Large Eyes You Have!’

Common Wood Nymph Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow in Clay Pond, NY

Decades of being on the lookout for Fab Common Wood Nymph butterflies with memorable forewing ‘Eyes’ and a few fit the bill. This one was discovered in the tall grass and sedges surrounding Clay Pond Preserve in Frewsburg, New York. This far western New York State wetland refuge is near Jamestown,New York.

This one lacked that bright yellow field around the ‘Eyes’ yet the eyes shone bright with their sweet orange rings around the black eye and its blue/white ‘pupil center.

There sure is variation in Common Wood Nymph butterflies, but nevertheless, this one . . . I love the look! Barbara Ann Case OBM” led me to Clay Pond Preserve, and I will miss her scouting, much.