This? Less Than 4 Miles From Hezbollah Rockets This Morning

Hermon Iris photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Northernmost Golan,  Israel

With all of the everyday repugnant news about Jews in the Main Stream Media, which most of my friends disregard daily, today’s news rocked me. Take a look again at this very rare Hermon Iris. We found it in magnificent bloom at the edge of the village of Dishon.

Today, this morning, Hezbollah sent missiles from Lebanon to the village of Avivim, some 3-4 miles from where these Irises grow. Those missiles were meant to kill Israelis.

I, a one-time artillery officer, do not like this, not one bit.

Those of us who are good, law-abiding.loving people, must not shrug this off as ‘Oh well.’ Hezbollah has overrun the once independent country of Lebanon, and their 100% goal is to kill 7,500,000 Jews in Israel.

If you are such, Good folks, and are Bible knowledgeable, you know how repulsive those Arab terrorists are.

Shooting rockets into a neighboring country to kill? Barbaric savages.


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