The Beauty Of An Eyed Brown

Appalachian Brown Butterfly II photographed by Jeff Zablow at Prairie Fen Reserve, Ohio

We scoured Prairie Road Fen, Angela and Barbara Ann for orchids and wildflowers, with me keeping an eye out for butterflies. Near Dayton, Ohio, I was again and again impressed with the richness of Ohio reserves and parks.

They found their orchids, here at Prairie Fen Reserve and almost everywhere else, they with much experience with orchids and near relentless in their pursuit of them.

Me? I was reintroduced to several butterflies of the northeastern USA that are hard to find. This Eyed Brown butterfly was such, one I rarely see over the years. It’s home? Wet meadows.

Once my Fuji slides were returned from Dwayne’s Photo, I was thrilled by this image. Glassberg’s A Swift Guide to the Butterflies of North America cites Eyed Brown’s as “LR-U” at the southern edge of range,” and that made our meeting even more serendipitous. Rare to Uncommon brings a smile, for that 6 hour or so drive west from Pittsburgh, for such moments, made sense, much sense.

Studying the rich play of color on this left hindwing, I think of the subtle beauty it displays, those tiny eyes, shining as little spotlights, the jagged lines that enable us to differentiate this butterfly from the closely related Appalachian Brown butterfly, the rich hues of brown that I’m on record as . . . loving and the good capture of the head, legs and antennae.

The beauty of an eyed brown, a fresh eyed brown.


5 thoughts on “The Beauty Of An Eyed Brown

  1. relentless. driven by insight, wonder and vehicles. Jeff, your own pursuit satisfies those of us who are left with a screen to view those winged wonders we cannot chase. beautiful shot of a beauty that i will never get to see up close and personal. thank you for bringing yet another image that is seen by the minds eye after a glimpse from your lens.


  2. Jeff, I live in the Dayton/Beavercreek area, voluntering with the MetroParks and Beavercrek Wetlands. We have several fens we are proud of, but Prairie Fen ? Where/address?
    Love this butterfly- previously unknown to me.
    Love your posts and photos


    • Roberta, You have much to be proud of. I lived in Ohio for 27 years, and had no one to introduce me to your beautiful destinations there, until Barbara Ann and Angela agreed to do just that! I’ll recheck the name with Angela.
      Thanks for the nice words.


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