Barred Yellow Butterfly

Barred Yellow butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Harris Neck State Park, GA

On day one at Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge, I parked at the Refuge Office. Oddly the office was closed. August 2018. Their office butterfly garden was a good one, and it was busy with butterflies. Skippers of several species flew, a Pipeline Swallowtail appeared and disappeared.

After some 30 minutes or so, I wandered along the margins of the Park Office road, and I saw it. A tiny yellow butterfly, flying gently from one tiny wildflower to the next. It’s manner of flight was new to me, and that raise the excitement level much!

Many minutes of tracking this slow flying, but acrobatic butterfly explained why I didn’t know it. Barred Yellow butterflies are not found in western Pennsylvania nor are they found in the New York City Area. They are resident from South Carolina to Louisiana and in very southern Texas.

He was one of 3 Barred Yellows seen that morning, all on the cut berm of the Refuge Office road.

Why’d I share this image. Barred Yellows must have attended US Air Force jet fighter pilot training, for they are exceedingly difficult to follow, as they twist, turn and spin in flight. Approach them, and they fly to a new spot 15 feet away. Reapproach and that game begins anew. This image was the closest I could approach, and my Macro- lens (IS) was relieved to get so much as this!