Chaucer’s Favorite Butterflies

Coupled Copper Butterflies I photographed by Jeff Zablow at Neve Ativ, Israel

Imagine how big the smile on Jeff’s face. Almost 2 hours in the meadow on the slope of Mt. Hermon. Jeff chasing Israeli blue butterflies, coppers and other Lycaenidae (the smallest of the butterflies, excluding the skippers). Sure there were many on that sunny morning in March 2017. There just weren’t any ‘new’ ones to be seen.

A sea of small yellow blooms, perhaps 100,000 across the extensive meadow. You who do what I do know how your eyes must constantly scan, scan the meadow flowers that grown no tighter than you ankles.

What am I thinking, that whole time. I’m asking G-d to please not let me be ‘skunked.’ Please enable me. Allow to to go home and share exciting butterfly views.

That was about when this coupled pairs of Lesser Fiery Coppers caught my eye. Lycaena thersamon. They, almost frozen in place, barely moving over perhaps 15 or 20 minutes. Me? I shot, shot, shot, shot. Sun to my back, moving slowly to find good angles, Pop pop pop!

I was ecstatic. Not that I know that Chaucer never visited the slopes of Mt. Hermon, as mentioned in the Bible, but if he did he’d Love these beautiful winged beauties.

Shooting methodically some 40 or so exposures of film, I thought how much I’d like to score a usable image, and one day share it with Cathy, Roger, Virginia, Angela, Marcie, Kelly, Deepthi, Peggy, Patti, Jim, Beth, Mimi, Susan, Mary, Sylbie, Phil, Leslie, Sandra, Linda, Nancy, Barbara Ann, Dave and you.

Jeff, seeking to please, in the upper, Upper Golan, 3 miles from the barbaric war raging  in Syria.