Israel Shoots Down Syrian Warplane

Mt. Hermon, Israel photographed by Jeff Zablow from Qedesh trail, Israel

Some of us go beyond, way beyond to find and photograph . . . butterflies. Ian is currently abroad, doing just that.

Me? Two years ago I was standing right at the base of this photo, trying to score this shot. Was in a village in the upper Galilee, and we are looking to the northeast. That is Mt. Hermon, snow covered that March morning.

This morning, USA time, the Israeli IDF (Israeli Defense Forces’ IAF) intercepted and shot down a Syrian fighter jet that flew into Israel. On the north face of Mt. Hermon, Syria is at war with its own “rebels.” It’s more complicated than even that, for the Syrian Army has Iranian regulars, Hezbollah, Russians, North Koreans, Pakistanis and more fighting with them. Who live on the face and base of this Mt. Hermon? Israelis in bucolic little villages, with one or two small cities widely separated.

In 2008 I was there on that 7,000 foot high Mount Hermon, photographing very, very rare butterflies.

Butterflies and air battles? Not a wholesome mix. No?

Funny. I so often see TV reports with crowds of people yellling for “Peace.” Tsk! that they are too Pollyana to understand how to achieve that of which they yell for.


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