Snout? So What?

American Snout Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Habitat, Eatonton, Georgia

It’s known as the American Snout Butterfly. It’s habitat extends from Massachusetts to Southern California. It makes unscheduled appearances from Maine to the Dakotas and from Oklahoma to Nevada. That’s a whole lot of habitat. Snouts like to be close enough to Hackberry trees and shrubs.

What is most remarkable about this species of brushfoot butterfly? They get No Respect (apologies to Mr. Dangerfield). They are the ‘So what?’ ‘Who cares’ butterfly.’

Only in big years in Texas do you see Snouts in any appreciable numbers. They are almost always seen as solitary individuals, except for the brief interactions when male discovers a reluctant female.

Why don’t they spark excitement? Well they only briefly generate excitement . . . until it is realized that it is ‘Only a snout.’

Snouts sport muted colors and they have those elongated palps, making them look, well, kind of silly. I no longer stand them up against the Jimmy Durante legend (Vaudeville star, from Brooklyn, NY, who had a sandpaper voice, was very likable and had a big schnazola. Almost no one remembers Jimmy Durante, is the reason.

Snouts flew around the town greens, when the Patriots were devising their future strategies, but even though snouts are native butterflies, no credit comes their way.

When you are having that kind of day, when you seem well, invisible, you may easily empathize with this American snout. Invisible in plain view.