8 Years And No ID On This Moth

Moth photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Mt. Hermon, Israel

What you remember amidst all that you forget. It’s been 8 years since this moth flew toward where I was standing, on the peak of Mt. Hermon. The south face of Hermon is war ravaged Syria, just to add some spicy irony to this setting.

It’s not a butterfly, yes, but the peak of this mountain supports many very rare butterflies, and I thought, Hey! this might be a very rare moth! So I shot away, that June 2008. You see my image of this beautiful creature.

wingedbeauty.com posted this photo, asking for ID from our moth experts.


Of course I try one more time. Anyone able to ID this Middle Eastern moth? found on top of Mt. Hermon?


2 thoughts on “8 Years And No ID On This Moth

    • A good question. These what, 24 years, and those maybe 103,694 butterflies (240,689 ?) have trained my eyes to quickly examine coloration, wing shape, body form head, thorax, antennae, palps, legs, behavior, flight, take-off and landing manner, preferred landing surface, time of flight, Oh and eyes and much more. I have no doubt that my declaration, after integrating all this ‘data’ is that this is a Middle Eastern moth, or, as with 2 handfuls or so of butterflies, a rare moth found only on this mountain, Mt. Hermon.


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