Find A Tamarck Pine – Find Bog Coppers

Tamarack Pine Tree, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Allenberg Bog in New York

We found Allenberg Bog. That western New York State bog was a treat. Tamarck Pine, bog Cranberry, Pitcher Plants and Sundew were there in abundance. They together verified that this was a true acid bog, a Sphagnum bog.

Allenberg also sported the Copper butterflies that I was searching for, Bog Coppers. The Cranberries were just finishing their flowering and the Bog Coppers were reaching the end of their flight. That means that the images I score, of Bog Coppers, did not 100% satisfy my determination to bring home good images of fresh Bog Coppers.

Barbara Ann is willing to once again join me, in search of that near impossible to find trail leading to Allenberg Bog. University owned (U. of Buffalo ?), I’m anxious to traipse the soft-spongy acid bog again, this time a bit earlier in June. The Tamarck Pines will greet me again. Will the tiny Bog Coppers dance for me as they did before?


3 thoughts on “Find A Tamarck Pine – Find Bog Coppers

  1. Allenburg Bog is under the stewardship of the Buffalo Audubon Society..I am also hoping to see the swamp st john’s again and that it will be blooming. Also have in mind a few other bog plants that I saw but did not get good pictures of them. Perhaps the blueberries will also be in bloom, and some really unique mosses grow there also- so much to look forward to ! Anticipation . . . . . .


  2. The bog is owned by Buffalo Audubon Society and is a sight to behold if you have never been to a tamarac bog. I am looking forward to visiting there again this June and hoping the weather is a bit cooler than it was last time.Anticipation abounds!


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