Would You Contemplate a Thistle?

Spiny Thistle photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mishmarot, Israel

Absent a steady menu of butterflies, my mind and my eyes scan for beauty, the new, the yet unknown, and I forever look for the inexplicable. It’s the inexplicable here in the native growth along the berm of an unimproved agricultural dirt road in Mishmarot, Israel.

My Handbook of Wildflowers of Israel – Mediterranean Flora by Darom and Shmida, is written in Hebrew, so I am at some disadvantage. Nonetheless, this would be Notobasis syriaca, and the timing is right, with this viewed in April 2017.

The oft asked question, for me, is, is this film worthy? Your response, remains a question for me. Me? The color, severe angles and impressive armament of this plant evokes much for me, mostly of a life in Brooklyn, and on the subways, when I too carried long cold steel, in my pocket.

Standing there, shooting away, trying for a good look ar Notobasis, I rattled off in my mind the HolyLand Patriarchs and Matriarchs who must surely have also stopped at these wonders of Creation, and admired, just as I did.