A Nifty HolyLand Butterfly

Lasiommata Megera butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Mt. Meron

I’m Thankful that I have been fortunate, fortunate enough to visit Israel nearly every year, since 2008. The HolyLand is where continents come together: Europe: Africa:Asia:The Middle East.

That unique location dishes up butterflies common to many of those continents. HolyLand butterflies are beautiful, swift, and many of wingedbeauty’s Followers really enjoy seeing them.

Lasiomatta Megara seen here on Mt. Meron, a strategic peak in the northern Galilee, jolted me when I spotted it, doing what butterflies do early in the morning. Spring nights are cool on a mountain in the northern Galilee. When morning sun rises, butterflies find perches in that full morning sun, and remain still, while the sun’s rays warm them. Once warm, they can fly at full speed, and avoid the numerous predators that are about.

The challenge was to make my approach in low profile, robotically, and also to not allow my shadow to cross Lasiomatta. This worked, and I got this ‘insurance shot,’ just before our subject did its disappearing act, and at considerable speed.