HolyLand Armament

Severe Thistle photographed by Jeff Zablow at Neve Ativ, Israel

The Middle East. Just yesterday, President Trump announced this. Half the world cheered him on. It seems that the other half of the world went livid at his every word. The subject? Jerusalem. The Middle East. Preferred to the ‘Middle East?” Better than calling it the Middle East? I much prefer the ‘HolyLand.’

President Trump demonstrated to all the volatility of much of that wonderful part of the world. Thousands of years of strife, bloodshed and Hope.

Standing there on the slope of Israel’s northernmost, tallest peak, Mt. Hermon, in the village of Neve Ativ, I could not resist. This plant was armed from base to tip, along all lateral stems. Needle-sharp daggers everywhere, hundreds of them. I shot away, hoping to capture the Ouch! of this botanical dagger-fest.

You see many heavily armed plants in Israel, and you get it! You understand that this is necessity, some unwritten necessity for long-term species survival in a land stained with the blood of so many violent pieces of history.

But for now, G-d seems to have these knife-sharp leaves and stems remain withdrawn and warding off all, with their menace of instant cut.

I could not resist sharing this, as 99.6% of you have never navigated TSA on your way to the HolyLand. April 2017.


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  1. Thank you for sharing Jeff! January 2018 brings a third trip to “navigate’ TSA into Tel Aviv. You are so right, and I have never thought of in this way, so many plants and trees have thorns in the Holy Land. Some looked more like spikes!! Thank you for sharing! Blessed day, December 6, 2017!

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