Down and Back!

Jeff Zablow and his dog, Petra photographed by Jenny Jean Photography

Our iMac and its fab 27″ screen crashed and died. The Apple Store able crews confirmed that the graphics card on that 2011 desktop was kaput! That said that they no longer make them, and anyway, the card would have put us back some $700.00. So, along with the crescendo of expenses recently experienced, we went ahead and ordered the new 27″ iMac that sits before me.

We were down for more than a week. Now back, it’s a struggle for me to relocate some of those critical bookmarks that we depend up. Little by little, we’re approaching full throttle.

So, just before Christmas and Chanukah, in the year of the Zebra heliconian and the modest upsurgence in Monarchs, we’re back! Here the image searcher and the security department.