Skipper Flies to Thistle. Perfect.

Skipper Butterfly on Thistle photographed by Jeff Zablow at Clay Pond Preserve, Frewsburg, NY

Adams County, Ohio? A destination for sure. We were there the last week in June 2017. We had varied hopes. Most in our little group were focused on wildflowers and rare orchids. We were seeing wildflowers that were new to me, again and again. I was having too much Fun! Every trail promised. New wildflower. New to me tiny, robust, little orchids, that they told me were Oh so difficult to find. There they were.

Every 20 feet promised the appearance of terrific butterflies. Northern Metalmark! Edwards Hairstreak! Big, fresh Great Spangled Fritillaries. You’ve gotta love them Coral Hairstreaks. Neat Skipper butterflies, that Joe and Dave knew. Truth be told, I may have a Skipper block. Absent a skipper mentor, I find myself flummoxed when having to ID skippers. But! But . . . I still love meeting them, and trying to figure out which is which.

I passed this little patch of thistle-like wildflowers. My inner self told me to go back and photograph them. Moved into position, prepared to click my exposure . . . and then, Eureka!! This very shmeksy skipper flew in and began nectaring.

So here we are, Angela, with a wildflower I am not sure of . . . and Dave K, a skipper I am not sure of. What am I sure of? I’m sure I love sharing this with y’all. This at Prairie Road Fen Reserve, Ohio.


3 thoughts on “Skipper Flies to Thistle. Perfect.

  1. The Skippers are tricky to ID , many are so tiny and so fast. I also have trouble with ID’s also, but I do love them so and and am slowly learning the more common ones for my area.

    The flower looks like a Knapweed to me, and I do remember seeing them in our travels. They are usually and invasive and hard to ID if you do not have a picture of the flower base and the leaves.

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