Tete a Tete With Baltimores

Baltimore Checkerspot Caterpillar photographed by Jeff Zablow at Jamestown Audubon Center, NY

Last year I  captured one of my most favorite images, the Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly I met in Jamestown, New York at the fabulous Audubon Center there. That shot was shared here as a post, and enjoyed very heavy traffic. It’s the kind of look that gives me immense satisfaction, knowing that many dozens of you saw it, and some will, maybe, internalize it as their reference Baltimore adult look.

This 2017 we returned back, and this time Jeff, their very valuable Nature specialist, gave us directions to where we were likely to find Baltimore Checkerspot caterpillars, that last week in June.

We traced our way to that wetland trail, and amongst a goodly number of Turtlehead plants ( the hostplant of Baltimores ), there they were! Baltimore Checkerspot caterpillars.

Determined to cop a good image, I shot away, yep!, with my Fuji ASA 50 slide film.

Here is one of those Baltimore caterpillars. Near bizarre in appearance, and richly colored. Bold and standing out in a deeply green backstage.

I Love such beauty! You?


One thought on “Tete a Tete With Baltimores

  1. “Tete a Tete ” Love the title ! It was wonderful to meet up with that specific
    colony again. Have you ever had the pleasure of viewing their gem like chrysalid? They are stunning and are just as colorful as the caterpillars and butterflies. I am fortunate to have turtle head growing on my property along the creek, in a swampy area right across the road from my house, and also up and down the road in the ditches, so am always on the lookout for these bright gems ! Such welcome visitors to my butterfly gardens and habitat!


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