Bulletin! New Central Georgia Tradition

Stanley L on the porch, photographed by Jeff Zablow at "Butterflies and Blooms in the Briar Patch," Eatonton, GA Porch

Reports keep coming in. Increasing numbers of Georgians, and lately folks from out of state, come to visit the Butterflies & Blooms Briar Patch Habitat in Eatonton, Georgia. Founded in 2014, the stream of visitors in 2015 grew, and 2016 visitor logs convincingly show ever larger attendance. Founder Virginia C Linch, always understated, confirms that lovers of beauty, admirers of butterflies, wildflowers, birds, bees and dragonflies, to name the most enthusiastic, visit as often as they can get there.

I myself have driven down from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania many times these last 2 years. Why? Nowhere else from Maine to the Florida Panhandle am I likely to see and photograph an artist’s palette of different butterflies. On top of that, you never, never know when a very rare, very exotic butterfly may just fly in, and save you hundreds of miles of driving around the South, searching for that very same sweetpie.

When Virginia suggested to Bartow and Roger the addition of a ‘porch’ that would appeal to your memories of sitting on the old homestead porch, rocking the time away with family and neighbors, well, in short time there it was, the ‘faux porch.’ Not its official name, but how I think of it. I’ve enjoyed the porch and its donated rockers many times. After 3-4 hours of working the Briar Patch on a July morning ( 8 AM to 12 PM ), it’s worth $ 1,000,000, me sitting there, enjoying my Coco Loco bar, chatting with other visitors, calling friends and awaiting the arrival of Virginia, Sylbie, Cathy, Kelly, Phil, Dave, Jim, Susan or whoever.

With 2017 now upon us (Yay!!) this new tradition, lolling the time away on the BBBriar Patch porch is expected to continue to grow and spread. The charge? Free. The view? Well, spectacular? The opportunities to Connect? Endless, especially with the Maker. The reception you will get? Unforgetable. The sincerity of that hosts? 100% solid gold.

Here we have Stanley Lines, an early, and stalwart supporter and friend of the BBBriar Patch Habitat, on the porch. In Eatonton, relaxed and calling you, to wit, when shall we expect your arrival?