Maniola Beckons

Maniola Telmessia (female) photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mt. Meron, Israel

Funny that. Many of us harbor favorites. Be they favorite cars, quarterbacks, Netflix series, coffee cups . . . and favorite butterflies. We are now in the early planning for a new Feature here, might be titled Jeff’s Favorite Butterflies.

Eight or ten of my image captures would be there for you, and every quarter years or so we would rotate in a new group, or at least wean out some to be replaced with others. Just weeks ago I shared a favorite, a delicate shot of an American copper. Our southern friends, caught me off guard, for they had never seen these pixies in Georgia, Alabama or Tennessee.

Well I fly in 4 weeks, to see Hillel and Boaz, my grandsons in Israel. I am now strategizing, what do I want to seek, and where and when can I do so?

Here’s an all time favorite of mine, Maniola telmessia. She’s nectaring on a wildflower on Mt. Meron in the very north of Israel’s Galilee. I love her colors, especially that Sunkist orange of an orange, how it is set amidst a mellow brown and that with a bullseye white spot, itself surrounded in a yellow border. It took several years for me to meet her, preceded by much frustration and disappointment.

But when  I spotted this one, it almost seemed like she beckoned to me, and I did not hesitate, and as she continued her nectaring, I shot away, with this nice result.

Jeff, headed to the HolyLand, with zero likelihood of bumping into you in Jerusalem or Netanya, Tel Aviv, the Sea of Galilee or Capernum. What do I have to do to . . . (OK, Jeff, don’t badger)?


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