Agree or Disagree?

Years and years into photographing butterflies now, and you would think that I would be steadily approaching, well, saturation. If that makes sense to you, surprise! The challenges, opportunities and thinking continues, unabated, and not diminished. Here’s an example of a present new idea of mine.

I shot this exposure of an American Copper some years ago. When I light boxed the dozen or more images of it, I was very Happy with this one. Very. Some of you may think: I see things here that Jeff likes. Others of you may think: Why does this image stand out from the nearly 800 in wingedbeauty’s Media Library?

Me? I have always liked this share of the head. Michal has 2 Shih Tzus, and they used to refer to them as ‘pookies.’ Small, and very cute. Munchkin and Shnookie were, and are, even at 12 and 13 years. This head struck me at first sight as a ‘pookie.’ Eyes, palps and sweet antennae. The left wings, ventral sides, are clear, colorful and dramatically colored. Those wings are fresh and not bird-struck. The legs are nicely shared, and set in a way that pleases the eye. The plant stem that this Copper is standing on boasts those fascinating fibers over its length, and that stalk is set at a slight angle, adding personality to the image. The leaves toward the right of the image bear red borders/veins, further jazzing up the shot. Bonus to all is the background, a comely green, minty and persuasive to the eye.

Digging further, a Georgia friend recently shared that she had never yet seen an American Copper butterfly. As soon as she wrote that, my mind shot to this look, and that was the ‘seed’ that led to this very post. Thanks Nancy.

Sometime soon we will add a new Feature to, Jeff’s 8 (10?) Favorite Images. This should be amongst those 8 or 10, for how many times I’ve scrolled down the Library, and stopped to smile at this one.

Do you Agree or Disagree that this photo deserves broad exposure?


14 thoughts on “Agree or Disagree?

    • American coppers prefer trails cut through expansive meadows. They also require those of us who utilize Macro- lenses to get down, way down. Funny that, for 2/3 of the time you get down with them . . . they flee before you even depress your shutter button! Sue Allie, finally!


  1. Definitely a worthy image – though I’m sure you have many to choose from.

    I also like the light in this image, highlighting the butterfly wings and stem fibers. That, along with everything else you mentioned, brings out the sacred that we are blessed to receive.

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    • That, Mary remains my goal. When we are in the field, we so understand the connection we have with . . . G-d. Regretably, most don’t have the opportunity, or avail themselves of it, even when it is just beyond the steps of their rear deck.


      • You might be who I need to ask. I’m writing our family history. I have scanned a thousand old family photos and have a couple hundred more to go. Then I have the arduous task scanning hundreds of slides. My dad loved slide film. Can you tell what I need to scan slides to my computer?


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