Announcing A New Feature: Butterfly Destinations

Northern Pearly Eye Butterfly, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Raccoon Creek State Park in Pennsylvania

That personal wind to my sails drives me to seek native butterflies, farther and farther afield. Absent a cadre of field-savvy compadres to guide me to find butterfly caches, we’ve found many. The names and places have become familiar to many of you, and the time is here to highlight them, for they are special, and they produce. They produce rich, exciting interaction with extraordinary butterfly habitat. G-d willing, in this year just beginning, I will visit all of them again, and even add new places to hike and amaze.

These Butterfly Destinations include:  Raccoon Creek State Park, PA, USA (Where I met this Northern Pearly-eye butterfly), Butterflies & Blooms In the Briar Patch Habitat, Eatonton, Georgia, USA, Audubon Community Nature Center, Jamestown, NY, USA, Rock Hawk Effigy & Trails, Eatonton, Georgia, USA and last but not least, the SPNI Nature Centers, Israel.

Select (click) this new feature in our expanding menu, and add to your list of siren song destinations. All will deliver new butterfly and travel treats.


6 thoughts on “Announcing A New Feature: Butterfly Destinations

  1. wow….who knows what may become of a chance encounter in cyber space? So glad you found our little habitat…Thank you for putting the Butterflies & Blooms in the Briar Patch habitat in the company of these amazing destinations! Your support, words, photos and inspiration are treasured gifts, your sharing of our project an humble reminder of how powerful words can be.
    looking forward to 2017 Zablow thoughts, captures and visits!


  2. From many of Jeff”s posts it is obvious that Georgia is one of his most productive and enjoyable destinations. The Rock Hawk Effogy and Trails offers over 20 miles of woodlands, swamp, waterfowl refuge areas and plenty of opportunities to capture hundreds of shots of butterflies. The effigy is awaiting your return, Jeff, to do it justice with your fabulous photography.

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  3. Thanks for this new feature. I had started looking up some of your destinations on my own – don’t know if I’ll ever go to them but it makes for good daydreaming at this time of year!

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