The $100 Question?

Rare Skipper, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Brunswick, GA

That $100 question is . . . . Where must you head out to, if you are desirous of  meeting a Salt Marsh Skipper? In my case, the Crosby’s and I drove to Brunswick, Georgia. We wished to see and shoot Eastern Pygmy Blue Butterflies and Salt Marsh Skippers.

Why did we go to Brunswick, on the Georgia coast. Because to find Salt Marsh Skippers, you have to find their habitat, coastal salt marshes. Off we went, for my hoped for 1st view of Panoquina panoquin.

Bingo! Coastal marsh dwellers, they were challenging, alighting on these small yellow flowerheads, and remaining in place for fractions of seconds. No complaint mind you, for that sunny morning these coastal marshes were spectacularly beautiful, and we were treated with a menu of wetland birds, including hard to find Roseate spoonbills, very methodical working the marsh edges with their fascinating bills.

Our Salt marsh skippers spend their whole life living in salty or brackish marshes. I remember as a kid, spending all of those summers at Grandma Polisar’s tiny bungalow in Rockaway Beach, Queens, New York. Every bungalow in that little ‘colony’ had an outdoor shower, a little wooden affair, which scarily housed huge (? were they) spiders in their corner webs. You always showered after spending those 9 AM to 5-ish PM at the salty Atlantic beach. How do these skippers live 24/7 in a habitat just covered with briny salt? Well, that’s why they get the tag, butterfly ‘specialists.’


4 thoughts on “The $100 Question?

  1. another who was not aware of this lovely skipper in the marshes of Glynn…will certainly take a closer look next time i am there. another treasure brought by your exploring. Fabulous detail with this shot of a teensy beauty!

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  2. You’re talking about my old stomping grounds here, having grown up on St. Simons. Back then, though I fully appreciated the beauty of the marshes, especially at sun up and sundown times, I never knew about this unique butterfly. I probably wouldn’t have cared much back then, but now find it very interesting. Thanks!

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    • Thanks Andy. Yeah, as a kid, ‘specialist’ meant someone you didn’t want to know, especially know what he did to get that moniker. Patience? Being there with Nancy & John, in that unique habitat, was so, well, cool!

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