Dominica or Kathleen? Seeing Zebras

Zebra heliconian butterfly, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Kathleen GA

The Wall Street Journal delivered newspapers this past week, unsolisticed. In the Off Duty section of the weekend paper was a front section article, ‘Locals and Behold‘ chronicling a very interesting visit the writer made to the Caribbean island of Dominica. Me, I read on, all, to plumb the prospects for meeting butterflies on this island, well, paradise. Alison Humes didn’t mention butterflies, but she shared that Dominica was an island with hundreds of birds species reported. Helpful, but thousand$ of dollars to see . . . .

Shown here is a Zebra heliconian butterfly, nectaring on a Tithonia bloom in Kathleen. Kathleen rests in . . . Kathleen, Georgia. South of Macon, Macon itself a fascinating city, my tour there thanks to Conie Mac. Me? Macon is a thriving city, active, vibrant and purposeful. Kathleen, south of Macon is a relaxed southern town, washed in rich, deep green. Heliconius charitonius, more than any other butterfly I have sought and found, most evokes memories of those 5th row orchestra seats that we once subscribed to , at the New York City Ballet. Brooklyn-born yes, streets raised yes, but yet thirsting for the elegance and beauty of the ballet, and reminded by the poetic flight of these Zebra longwings (heliconians).

Just me, but when I pack my bags, I head to Kathleen, not Dominica. I love the U.S.A, and we here have our own neotropical butterflies, these balletic Zebra heliconians. No tickets, no season subscriptions necessary. All you need is an enabler.


4 thoughts on “Dominica or Kathleen? Seeing Zebras

  1. I always enjoy your photos, as well as your writing, but this photo tops them all! It’s a sensational photo – with so much drama, beauty, and elegance! And yes, you’re right, it is reminiscent of the best of ballet! I’d love to see a Zebra Heliconian butterfly someday, but know they’re southerners….
    Kathy in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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  2. Exactly right on so many levels! yes, the domain of all species is determined by the One who is not restricted to any place…however, each area of this great country, cut into sections with the smallest in your own backyard, can produce your regions most fabulous critters- IF you are are willing to invest the work, etc to create that nurturing space. Thank you for your beautiful photo and reminder that one doesn’t have to have a passport to find the exotic and wonderful creatures living (almost) in our own back yards!

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