Winter Elixir

Monarch butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at the Butterflies and Blooms Habitat in Eatonton, GA

She’s decided to just take it easy, amidst the perennials at the Butterflies & Blooms in the Briar Patch Miracle, in Eatonton, Georgia. It’s just past 8:30 A.M with the sun not yet fiery hot. Yesterday’s nectar haul was chef’s choice, thanks to Virginia and her band of merry volunteers. Those eggs she’s nurturing are not yet ready, and the boys know that she’s already cooked.

Weeks aloft have taken some toll on her wing scales, but she remains a looker, what with those comely white spots shot out from their black margins.

The thing is We cannot see a Monarch butterfly now. The offspring of this one are now safely in central Mexico, high up in fir trees, awaiting the signal that even Our best biologists/molecular biologists do not yet understand.

So, we share this as a winter elixir, a sweet teaser with future implications. Winter will recede, Spring will taker over, and one day in June, Virginia will broadcast far and wide, the . . . Monarchs are back!


One thought on “Winter Elixir

  1. your ability to reach the eyes, spirits and minds of your readers and to awaken them to the reality of the ability to nurture and enjoy these wings continues to encourage those of us who are less able to inform people and more able to create areas for these beauties to exist freely.
    yes, we watch each larval host plant with anticipation and joy, and are sometimes too busy with the labor to make the effort to catch an image of the wings we nurture…wonderful to know that you will be there to search out and bring the beauty that WILL come if we provide for them!

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