Pipevine on Bergamot for the Holidays

Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow as it perched on Bergamot flower at Raccoon Creek State Park in Pennsylvania, 7/31/14

With Bergamot in bloom, and an especially good year for it, as it was back here in 2014, there I was on July 31. This was a goldmine that day, in Raccoon Creek State Park, July 31st. Shovel in hand, of course not. Camera instead, with Fuji Velvia film, man and camera seeking rich color.

The flying lanes in this corner of Doak field were busy, and my patience paid off, when this very fine Pipevine butterfly burst on the scene, and was at this very nearby Bergamot flowerhead.

Skipper butterflies interest some, Satyrs interest some, my experience is that Monarchs and Pipevines interest all. Especially when sunlight reflects off of their OMG! wing and body colors.

Right time, right place, right conditions . . . and enough patience to await reward. And reward there was here. G-d’s bounty of color, mutually assuring Pipevine and Bergamot their respective sustenance and success.

Merry Christmas tonight and Happy Chanukah tonight. Good. Very good.


3 thoughts on “Pipevine on Bergamot for the Holidays

  1. your ability to capture the glowing, almost unreal subtle and rich colors of this beauty is incredible….those of us who strive (and fail!) are encouraged that it IS possible by seeing your shots
    well done!

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  2. Sometimes I forget how brilliant Fuji Film is until I see one of you Butterfly Masterpieces! Makes me miss my film camera when I see your pictures! We do not get Pipevines this far north, so to see this one today is a rare treat indeed. Thank you so much for sharing this gem with us ! Happy Chanuka to you and yours! And to a very Happy and Fruitful New Year in 2017!

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    • Thank you monarchmama. Film and I are, it appears, meant for one another. Note, my Cech & Tudor’s Butterflies of the East Coast does have Pipevine Swallowtails a bit further north than you are, in their ‘seasonal range,’ so . . . keep looking, as of course we always do. Happy Holidays!


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