The Truth About Painted Ladies?

Painted Lady Butterfly at Raccoon Creek State Park

We are always learning. Today I was very impressed with one of our most personable butterflies. Painted Ladies remind of that $100 word, ‘ubiquitous.’ They do seem to be just about everywhere, across these United States. Sure they are not seen everywhere everyday, but . . . they show up here, there and just about everywhere, at some time or another. I see them regularly when I travel to Israel, confirming for me their special status: the most widespread of butterfly species, around the entire world!

What did I learn today? Well, if you live in Ohio, where are your Ladies at this moment (December it is)? If you live in South Dakota, where are they now? Georgia? California? State of Washington? Oklahoma? North Carolina?

The truth about our Painted Ladies is, that they are a migratory species. Across much of the U.S. we are in winter now. Answer to this question? They are in . . . Mexico. Mexico. When Spring ’17 begins, they fly by the hundreds of millions north, spreading across America. Comes September, progeny of the Mexican generation takes to wing, and return to . . . Mexico. How do they do that? You tell me. Vanessa cardui. Vanessa!


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Painted Ladies?

  1. i did not know these beauties migrate…wow!
    have always enjoyed the almost 3 D “embroidery” on those ventral wings..when the light is right and the lens is clear, its as if each cell glows and almost vibrates with the intensity of each sip of nectar.
    thank you for the info, the photos and the encouragement to view again. those we see so often, we sometimes take for granted!

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