This Is The Rocking Chair, Where . . .

Habitat Porch rocker photographed by Jeff Zablow at the Butterflies and Blooms Habitat in Eatonton, GA

The work of I think 2 talented men, this is the rocking chair on the faux porch, overlooking one of Americas’s Top butterfly destinations. NABA-certified, the Butterflies & Blooms in the Briar Patch Habitat has probably logged more Oohs! and Aahs! than MIT’s whiz kids can keep track of.

Fight to get there at or before 8:00 A.M., gear up. load my film, and on so many mornings I have compared myself to a whirling dervish, spinning here, then there, there over there, to track and shoot images of fresh, gorgeous butterflies of the southeast . . . and northeastern U.S..

Rolls of film are consumed, disappointments nag, interspersed with . . . triumphs! Two, two decades of wanting a sweet image of a Giant swallowtail, and then there goes a worthy beaut, and . . . and . . . he heads to a Mexican sunflower bloom, and Pop! Pop! pop! go my exposures.

Now exhilarated, Thankf-l for all this and for my being here in very special Eatonton, Georgia, it dawns on me that I 1) haven’t had enough water to drink and 2) am ready to treat myself to my usual, a scrumscious Coco Loco bar. Where?

Bee-line to the ‘porch’ with its 2 rocking chairs, beckoning me. Ahhh, so good to sit and see many dozens of winged  beauties aloft in front of me. The palette of color is phenomenal, flowers and butterflies. And, who is that pulling up from Oak Street? Virginia? Stanley? Sylbie? Jim? Susan? Cathy? Lisa? Perfect. Good times at the Briar Patch Habitat, March to November!


4 thoughts on “This Is The Rocking Chair, Where . . .

  1. two of our fav “grumpy old men”, Ronald Linch and Roger Pierce, were kind enough and busy enough to put this little spot together after we had the lumber sawn (sp?) at a mill in N. Georgia. two of our habitat supporters donated enough for the rockers….filling those rockers is never a problem!
    kinda thought our world famous supporter Jeff Zablow would enjoy a shady spot to cool off after chasing all manner of pollinators and so hope you did!

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    • Kind of you? ‘Hope you [I] did?’ Did dozens of times this sweet 2016. Often hoping that Lisa, Phil, Cathy, Kelly, Susan, Sylbie, you, Rose & Jerry, Mike, Stanley, Joanne, Ursula, Peggy, Bonita, Nancy, Meredith, Barbara Ann, John, Angela, Leslie, Peggy, Jim . . . would come walking through the Habitat, and join on that extraordinary ‘shady spot’ rocker-fitted porch


  2. Jeff,
    Such an inviting description of this wonderful habitat and the friends you have made there. Seeing pictures and hearing tales of “the Briar Patch” gives me inspiration to continue making the most of my little piece of property here in NW NY.

    I love this faux porch and would see some more pictures of the structure as I would love to build one to overlook my little wildflower meadow.

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    • Thanks Monarchmama. The work that went into this dream ‘porch’ has provided dividends over and over again. Classes of schoolchildren/Head Start visit the Briar Patch, and they assemble on the porch for photo opps/sharing of sightings and snack. Imagine having your own . . . .


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