Baltimore Checkerspot in Jamestown

Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Jamestown Audubon Center in New York

The timing was perfect. There were several Baltimore checkerspot butterflies here and there in this wetland, part of the Jamestown (NY) Audubon Center’s extensive reserve. All looked fresh and just so pretty to look at. I really wanted image of Baltimores, and here was my opportunity.

So I stepped (Shhh!) off trail to shoot that one, w/o good result. This other one, flew before I could set up, Oh that’s a nice one, vamoose!, and that is how it went. To do what we do, you cannot give up, and I kept at it.

Checkerspots are limited here in the northeast, and we are Blessed to have these beauts. Their hostplants are Turtlehead, a native wetland wild flowering plant.

The thing about Baltimores is that when you find them, they bedazzle you, and you have to remember why you came there in the first place, to capture the handsome features of these eye-candy lookers.


2 thoughts on “Baltimore Checkerspot in Jamestown

  1. each of your incredible shots gives one a chance to savor the rarely seen details of these winged beauties you seek out….and seem to drive home the importance of sustaining each, wherever we may find ourselves….have planted 3 of these turtleheads in Butterflies & Blooms in the Briar Patch habitat this past summer, as they have been spotted some 40 miles north of us, am hoping one or two or more may wander down to visit and find reason to stay.
    thank you for keeping us all aware of the diversity and amazing wonder of each you find


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