A Pipevine Reflecting Brilliantly

Pipeline Swallowtail Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow in Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, PA

I’ve seen fighter jets zoooom! overhead, here and gone, just that quickly. I’m not equating the two, but, when a Pipevine Swallowtail  butterfly makes a beeline to a flowerhead, it too wastes not time. Furious motion, wings constantly aflutter, no time to waste, nectar, nectar, nectar. Then, gone. Unlike other butterflies, Pipevines don’t go from the one, to another 1 foot away. No, they fly up, and seem to fly 10 or 20 feet or more, to a distant bloom.

This furtive behavior bedevils the photographer. Meaning, when you’re at the bloom, and you register that this one is fresh, complete and shmeksy! you know that a fine capture will please so many, genuinely uplift them, if only for a moment, but . . . it will impact. You are surely among those of whom I write, aren’t you?

So here, my checklist signaled, get it! A winner. And the position is just wonderful, what with the sun reflecting on those exquisite flashes, spots, washes, expanses of color.

Ft. Indiantown Gap Military Reservation in central Pennsylvania. A huge military installation. F-16’s flew overhead, not 10 minutes before.

What think you? How’d it work out?


3 thoughts on “A Pipevine Reflecting Brilliantly

  1. you have caught the amazing markings with your camera and described the erratic flight perfectly! the image of a lumbering man made flight compared to the God created wings by your words, well done….again!

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