Orchids in Western Pennsylvania

Pink Lady's Slipper Wildflower, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Chapman State Park, NY

Sure, no winged beauties in this shot. I was in Chapman State Park in northwestern Pennsylvania this past June, 2016. I was there in 2015 too, and sure enough found Pink Lady’s Slipper native orchids. They take your breath away, they do! You just stand there and admire, and you reflect on the vulnerability of these delicate looking wildflowers.

So when I went back in June of this year, the question? was can I find them again? Yes, I searched and found this years Lady’s Slippers. The other question was, shoot them again? I do, do have good images of Pink Lady’s Slipper,  taken right here. My decision, how could I  . . . not? They are exquisite, graceful, elegant and just bathe your eyes with luscious.

I have posted Pink Lady’s Slippers here on wingedbeauty this year. But today my wife reminded me of how much she enjoys those recent shares here.

Well, if that’s the case, take in this other gentle view of  a few of these sweeties!


2 thoughts on “Orchids in Western Pennsylvania

  1. mention New York, and visions of traffic nightmares coupled with the blaring sounds of big cities comes to mind…and yet, you bring the softer side with these beauties shot with such love from the photographer that the viewer catches the pristine dew drops magnifying an already exquisite bloom as the vivid color saturates the mind, removing all discordant conceptions of the region you re-discovered it. wow
    erasing the (necessary?) filth of our society with such an amazing plant, ignored or missed by so many and brought to the rest of us through your photography and thoughts.
    thank you


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