People Plan . . . and G-d Laughs

Wildflower photographed by Jeff Zablow in Big Bend Wildlife Management Area, Florida's Panhandle

This was a saying the previous generations used to share with one another, and we kids just flicked it off, grandparents! As as many of us now know, we should have afforded them even more gravitas, then we did.

The plan is to leave Pittsburgh in 4 days, and drive to Eatonton, Georgia. During the 2 weeks there, there was a sub-plan. Repeat the 2015 Huge Success!! of a run down to Big Bend Wildlife Management Area, in the Florida Panhandle. That 4-day Victory trip was OOh La La! I would turn and there was a butterfly new to me, then finish shooting it out, turn and OMG! another lifer for me, and just total buzz! excitement.

Timed perfectly this year, this time with the Liatris in Full Bloom, and SLIGHT HITCH has occurred. My PLAN now confronts the news, that tropical storm Hermine hit the Florida Panhandle at, you guessed it, at, at Big Bend. What must this Paradise, of blooms, like this one, look like now?

People Plan . . . and G-d Laughs (at our plans). No?


5 thoughts on “People Plan . . . and G-d Laughs

  1. Y–weh cannot be spoken..not to preach to one who knows…God is to be celebrated with Joy even in the midst of or the aftermath of His creatures will overcome all and have through the ages, the poisons spewed by those who don’t believe He is really in control are the things they cannot overcome.
    they will find you, those winged glories that dance in the winds and scoff at mortal attempts to chain them to schedules and seasons…


  2. It is good to be reminded that we are not in charge and that the beauty we receive is a gift.

    Someone once taught me to speak of “receiving images” rather than “taking photos”. While it is just a change of words, it makes for a change in perspective. Perhaps there is something else you are meant to receive than what you expected…

    I experienced something similar this year – so excited that I finally got some good milkweed growing, only to have this be a year when monarchs didn’t summer in Ohio. But yesterday and today, I’ve encountered Canadian monarch migrants – in someone else’s garden. Not my plan, but a humble joy.

    (BTW, why do you leave the “o” out of God? We know who you’re talking about.)

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    • We too in western Pennsylvania have seen very, very few Monarchs. Just today I have look out at my Tithonia (Mexican sunflower) several times, to no avail. Answer to your ‘BTW,’ we are taught to not spell out G-d’s name.


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