And Who are You?

Rare Grasshopper, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Yehudiya National  Park, Golan Heights, Israel

Working the trails at the Yehudiya National Park in the Golan. This northeastern part of Israel is lightly settled, and features lush green valleys, bordered by low mountains, all pointing north to majestic Mt. Hermon. The drive from here to Mt. Hermon is about an hour and a half. On the bottom of Mt. Hermon’s northern face, right there . . . Syrian regulars, ISIS, “Rebels,” US ‘advisors’ and aircraft, Russian ‘advisors’ and aircraft, Hezbollah from you-don’t-want-to-go-there Lebanon, Turkish forces, Kurdish militia and Iranian regular and irregulars . . . are all in a deadly minuet of kill, kill.

Here there’s peace, tranquility and G-d’s creatures. Butterflies were OK that morning, but I cannot say they were abundant. The wolves that roam this park and this region, well, I did not see them these 5 days here, even though I roamed freely, and was “alone again” me, myself and I.

Smack dab in the Middle East, knowing that so many of you, yes you, yearn to visit there??? And, who did I ‘bump’ into? This nicely camoflouged . . . grasshopper? It allowed a lengthy, close approach, just moving around that boulder a bit (boulders strewn everywhere, as if G-d was sprinkling giant salt).

I presume a grasshopper? If my Israeli friends come by, perhaps we will learn more. For the meanwhile, I have to say I was fascinated. It was about 92 degrees hot, 92F in the Middle East is way hotter than it is in Brooklyn, or Pittsburgh. 92F and our little cutie here is sunning itself on a boulder, for a good many minutes. Wow!

April 2017! Sound enticing, anyone?


5 thoughts on “And Who are You?

  1. Fascinating little creature…certainly designed well to blend into his/her environment. You truly had to have your eyes open to receive this image. (I find that to be one of the blessings of walking with a camera – I am more present to what is there, especially the little unnamed life forms.)

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  2. Sounds like Heaven on earth. What’s happening on the borders is so upsetting. HIS chosen ones are safe in HIS care, and I would probably feel safer there than any other place on this planet. I will be going there in my lifetime, I know this. The little grasshopper is so cute.

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    • Nepal must be exciting. Paris, too much going on there? Santiago, Chile sure. Hawaii, I’ve heard it’s so beautiful. Israel, the only one in the litter than tugs at your Heart Strings, delights your eyes, and fills your wildlife basket, to full. Most say I’ll go , but . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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