Monarchs Flying?

Monarch butterfly photographed at Raccoon Creek State Park, PA

Just heard from a friend living north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Monarch Mama, nearly 4 hours north, in western New York state, reports that she has seen a healthy number of Monarchs today, seeking nectar-pumping flowers in local Jamestown, New York area meadows and flowerbeds.

That report from a seasoned Monarch expert is Sweet News for us. Desperation, the result of shared experiences: He says he’s seen 2 so far this year / She replies that she’s only seen 3, has enabled an apathy to settle in for some.

Now this credible report, jars our memories, for in late summer 2015, we finally  saw some Monarchs in the northeast. Those Danaus plexippus were surfing the warm air currents down from Canada, and perhaps very northern New York, New Hampshire and Vermont?

You drag your bones out of bed, get ready for your debut in the outside world, grab your cup of coffee . . . and just out your door, you do the Happy! and take a sustained look at your beautiful garden . . . and OMGa Monarch. A Monarch!! That’s a preferred way to begin your day! No?  Stay tuned.


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  1. absolutely right…those wings jack up the adrenaline and somehow its no trouble at all to load gear in the car or drag across a field, charge back to review and either throw them all out and start again….or smile if you made a “hit” with a click

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