Israel Loves the USA

View from Ramat south to Hadera, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Coastal Plain, Israel

It’s independence Day here in America. I dived into my store of ready to post images, and came up with this one I captured in March 2016. It is a view of America’s really good friend, Israel.

The perch I was standing on was the hilly high ground of Ramat Hanadiv. At the ruins of an ancient farmstead (they built their homes and farm buildings of huge stones), we look southwest, toward the coastal city of Hadera. This is the Israel that Americans do not know. I don’t think the French, or the British, or the Italians much care one way or the other. The Americans, the Canadians and perhaps the Russians (perhaps) want Israel to prosper, do their high-tech thing and make it in their nasty neighborhood, surrounded as they are, and have always been, by nasty neighbors.

I’m there to enjoy my daughter and my grandsons and to find butterflies. I look at this image, and remember, the super lush green agricultural fields in the foreground, the suburbs in the mid-ground and the cities in the background. If you have not visited the HolyLand yet, then you are missing this visual of Israel. Successful, striving, earnest, fun-loving, and deep green Israel.

What is that low hung rectangle in the foreground, you wonder? Orchards, covered by acres of netting, with perhaps bananas, mangoes or avocados or dates. The fruit in Israel is fresh, abundant and unforgettable.

Why does Israel exist, when its enemies Hate it? Well this peaceful scene you see is protected by a very efficient, always alert, Awesome capability, thanks in large part to its beloved friend, the United States of America.

Israel, this Israel you see, Loves the U.S.A. Happy 4th of July, America!