Lesser Fiery Copper in Israel

Lesser Fiery Copper butterfly, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Ramat Hanadiv, Israel

I was hot, quite hot on one of Ramat Hanadiv’s descending trails. It was morning, but it was h-o-t. No sweat as they say for this guy, a lesser Fiery Copper (Lycaena thersamon omphale), intent on sipping as much nectar as he can. March 2016, and Jeff searches of new, new butterflies, new looks, new botany, new, new, new. New is exciting and shareable, with you.

The challenge is to capture new images that deserve an audience. A big challenge that, because I’d prefer to expose 2o or 30 images of a beautiful new butterfly, and, 19 out of 20 times they just don’t allow that kind of friendliness. They flee, or they alight on a bloom or a left for a split second, and seemingly with effort are repositioned on a new flower, 17 feet away.

When this image returned from Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas, I was taken with the golden forewing and the patterned hindwing, and more.

Jeff, 10 minutes from Mishmarot (my daughter) and 10 minutes from dipping into his LL Bean knapsack for a Cocoa Loco bar (gluten-free). Jeff who loves Coppers, this one included.


2 thoughts on “Lesser Fiery Copper in Israel

  1. a glorious image, as is expected from your vast archives….as you bring us, stumbling behind in the heat (without a gluten free bar to snack on) on yet another trail searching for the winged beauties you capture so amazingly and leave to continue their wandering and nectaring…..until you once again search them out, we all wait!

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