Little Tiger Blue Butterfly

Tarucus Rosaceus butterfly, photographed by Jeff Zablow near the Syrian border, at Golan Heights, Israel

This was one of the one’s I wanted to meet and greet. Tarucus balkanicus, a tiny tuxedoed butterfly I might have seen once before, but have never photographed. I drove south from my SPNI Golan field house quarters, along the east shore of the Sea of Galilee. Me and my rented blue Mazda continued south, to a spot very close to the Jordanian border.

March 2016, and I was dodging ugly gray clouds the entire time. Reached my destination, prepped (knee pad, film, steel, cleaned my lens, water (always must have water in Israel)). It did not take too long before I spotted 1, 2 and soon other Little Tiger Blues. Tinier than I expected, I had to get down to the ground to shoot them.

Happily they were focused nectarers, and they paid little attention to my approach. It was a race with time, because they held on each bloom for a short time, then relocated to another blossom. That left yours truly on his belly, and needing to get up and belly-down once again.

Here is my result. This male proved to be, well, very handsome, bedecked in his evening formal wear. The ‘eyes’ of his hindwing were silvery-blue, his wing fringes an ice-blue, his abdomen smartly striped, his wings starkly marked. Shmeksy dude, he.

Jeff and a tiny tuxedoed blue, somewhere near Israel’s far eastern border, almost within sight of Jordan.


11 thoughts on “Little Tiger Blue Butterfly

  1. Good morning Jeff:) Seems I missed a whole world of beauty around the Sea of Galilee! If that is even possible:) Your photo and subject is well, I am at a loss…never seen or knew a more beautiful butterfly and I am just beginning to get started on viewing your site! Yes, always a bottle of water, as ice is sure hard to come by:)

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  2. having followed your writing and photographs for years? now…when opening a post, i hold my breath, knowing that there will be a treat for the mind, eyes and spirit…this is validation. crawling through the dust, rocks and oppressive heat 1/2 world away..with you in search of this beauty..and celebrating the capture of the dapper dude as your shutter clicks. all without leaving the heat and humidity of a Georgia summer day. fabulous!

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