Were You On This Luxury Bus?

Tour Bus entering Capernum National Park, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Lake Kinneret, Golan Heights, Israel

You ask, Did I enjoy the Golan region? Yes, it was well, spectacular. The wildlife? Exotic, though I never did see the native wolves that have made a strong comeback, following their reintroduction. Conservation here has reached that pivotal point, with dairy farmers now experiencing occasional losses of cattle to these very same wolves.

I stayed in the SPNI Golan field houses, and roamed the Golan region, visiting remote (very) sites, searching for butterflies and wildflowers. Israel in the Spring, the Middle East, in bloom.

There it was, I passed it more than once. Capernum. The same Capernum many of you have heard about, all of your lives.

I thought about many of you, thought how much you would enjoy being there, at the northern tip of Lake Kinneret, where He grew up and began His teaching. How you’d Love Jerusalem and all of the other real-time sites you learned about in Sunday school.

So here, where the Golan region meets the Galilee, I positioned myself at the entrance to now Capernum Natonal Park, and shot one of the many tour buses, entering, full of excited visitors from your town, your state, and from all of the other countries of the world.

And I wondered, were You on this bus? Were you waving to me?


7 thoughts on “Were You On This Luxury Bus?

  1. No, but your story certainly makes me wish I had been. An adventure to keep in mind. Your photo of the area looks lovely; how fortunate for you to walk on the ground that holds so much history and beauty where people from all areas of the world and religion can visit. I pray it is never destroyed by destructive selfish interests! Many members of our Lutheran church have visited the area with our pastor.

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  2. Yes!! Looks just like our bus!! Your post writing is lovely. I believe there is a bit of DNA in us, once there, draws one to return again and again; even if just through lovely words and pictures like yours! Thank you Jeff:) :):)


    • Though I wondered how it would be seen by Christians, my friends are so supportive of Israel, I just had to tweak them a bit = Why haven’t you (mo$t can) gone there yet?? I so like this share of yours Denise. It hit the bulls-eye for me.

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          • Yes! Would recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to go, go! Our group is a small group of about 30. A couple, now in their young 80’s, have taken groups since 1960’s. They just returned from their May personal trip where they go with another couple and scout out new places to go and see. Many in their groups have been 9 to 10 times, which I thought was “crazy” when I first met them. Now I know different. Now I understand Psalm 137 of “hanging my lyre on the willow tree” when I think of Jerusalem. I found it perfect, this is 2 Psalms after the 15 Psalms of Ascent, which are believed to be songs the traveling pilgrims sang on their way “up to Jerusalem” for the feast. Psalm 137, 2 after the 15 Psalms; yep, it takes about 2days from return to begin to “feel” and sing the same song:) “Oh that my tongue should stick to the roof of my mouth, should I count Jerusalem as my highest joy!” (kinda paraphrase a bit:) Yep! Worth it!!

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