Baltimores and the Magical Jetliner

Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly, photographed by Jeff Zablow at the Jamestown Audubon Center in Jamestown, NY.

Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly

Resting on the ground cover at the Jamestown Audubon Center in western New York State, this Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly has the cache of my most appreciated images. Like it was yesterday, I remember spotting it, approaching, and ‘talking’ myself through the Technique steps. I took a number of photographs, mixing shutter speeds and aperture openings, only to wait for my slide film to be processed. You must have faintly heard my screams of “Yes!” in your Texas, Georgia, Brazil, Colorado, New York, Washington, Virginia, French, Pennsylvania and Maryland homes as I looked at slides on my trusted lightbox. I was happy to see a fine image of a gorgeous winged beauty caught in a wonderful place, in the company of wonderful people.

This is one of the views that I will share on June 3, 2016 in a presentation scheduled at the Jamestown Audubon Center. Then we’ll go for a field walk, in their lush,  verdant reserve.

How I would like to send a Magical Jetliner to bring you there to join us, and to hear your thoughts, share anecdotes, enjoy the walk, and catch up on things. We would then retreat to town to savor a little more time together over coffee and sandwiches, before that magical jetliner, Winged Beauty made the return run back to your homes.

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