A Lesser Fiery Copper Reunion?

Lycaena Thersamon photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mt. Meron, Israel

March 2016 will find me, G-d willing, to return to Israel, and back up to Mt. Meron. My 3rd visit to SPNI Meron, the neat field house complex maintained, like others throughout Israel, to bring kids together with undisturbed habitat and wildlife. Guest houses are available for naturalists, and that’s where I’ll spend some 5 days.

Why go back there? There are many butterflies I still have not coaxed out of the bush, havn’t seen yet. I also plan to explore (never could find someone to lead me) the terrain along the Israel-Lebanese border. This exploration promises to expand my list of Israeli butterflies seen and photographed. The air is clear, the streams are quality, and the botany promises, promises so much, including March orchids. We’ll share some orchids together this 2016, Israeli (Oh, I hope!) and northeastern U.S. orchids. The Israeli ones I’m going to have to find on my own; for the U.S. orchids I’ll have expert help.

This Lycaena thersamon omphale female was an eye popper. Her colors sang out to me. Stationery on this yet to be ID’d wildflower, she was a sight.

The Upper Galilee region, just south of Lake Tiberias (Yom Kinneret) and the coastline north of Tel  Aviv . . .  and then that certain Protected rare butterfly reduced to flying in 2 limited areas west of Afula, these are my butterfly destinations. And of course, my daughter, grandsons and son-in-law, plus lots of family. The men  All served, the young women served, the older women kept the home fires burning, and fretted while their men fought to keep them safe. This is a view of Israel that the media will never share with you.

Any takers?


3 thoughts on “A Lesser Fiery Copper Reunion?

  1. You will have a blast, though it would be better all the way around if you had a companion with you on those gorgeous trails as you walk the line between Paradise and Peril.
    I so look forward to seeing the breathtaking photos and narrative that you will return and share with us who so enjoy your Winged Beauty postings. >i<


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