The Southern Pearly-Eye Butterfly and 99.987% of Americans

Southern Pearly Eye Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow in Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, GA

It’s a fact, research shares that 99.987% of Americans, including those in Pennsylvania, know nothing of Southern Pearly-Eye butterflies. I’d be among them, save for the patience and kindness of Rose and Jerry, who guided me to them in the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, in north central Georgia. It was the Piedmont swamp, with cane and river oats.

Why is this photograph so dark? My ASA 100 Fuji slide film was more than challenged by the limited light in that part of the swamp, overhung as it was by trees. I shoot only with available light, without flash added.

Enodia portlandia was very elusive. Rose or Jerry would give the call to come quick, Here’s a Southern! I’d hop over branches, through mud, nearly take a pratfall, only to find Oh, it took off.

I’m telling you, it was toooo much Fun! Just had my annual check-up this morning, and my PCP agreed that it looks like I got away without any of several serious diseases that have been contracted . . . In This Very Swamp. Think about that. Now, who’s ready to return with me in August, to this very spot? Raise your hands higher, ’cause I can’t ’em.


2 thoughts on “The Southern Pearly-Eye Butterfly and 99.987% of Americans

  1. My hand is up. I would love to go in the swamp with you, Jerry and Rose. Give me a call at 770-851-3136 and I will join y’all.
    David Waller

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