Piedmont Oats, Anyone?

River Oats and Spider photographed by Jeff Zablow in Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, GA

Immersed in this Piedmont Swamp, Rose and Jerry were preoccupied, scouting out Satyrs for me. Noted earlier, the humidity on that August morning, in the swamp, I’d say was 193%. The footing was sloppy, lighting was reduced. Thankfully there were flying biters, but not as many as I had anticipated. Save for Carolina Satyrs, almost every plant and animal was new to me.

This was where I re-confirmed that Georgia spider webs tasted just the same as Pennsylvania web silk!  I had to keep up with Rose and Jerry, so didn’t have time to try them with ketchup . . .

Along came this plant, and I immediately knew it was new to me. I was sure that this must be oats, Rose confirmed it, River Oats. I had to capture them on film, as they were so new to me, and I had come so far for this formal introduction. I should not forget to direct your attention to the spider photograph that was patiently posted.

Georgia Piedmont Swamp, in the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge. Life is good, for look where I went and who guided me!


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