Prime Meadow Habitat . . . Doomed?

Traci Meadow with Development In Sight, photographed by Jeff Zablow in Fayette Township, PA

This meadow, one I know as Traci’s Meadow, is just some 6 or 7 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Traci invited me to see it and marvel also at Traci’s Kelso Swamp, 700 feet down the road. This meadow was lush, full of wildflowers . . . and loaded with early September 2015 butterflies. Loaded.

There I was, my second day there. I remembered the day before and how Traci reluctantly explaining that those houses in the background were new. This lovely meadow would soon be destroyed. Houses are going to be built on it.

Meadows are vanishing habitats, steadily snatched from all of us, week by week, here and there. Now I know that this is private property, and I respect the rights of private property owners. But, we are a Rich country, these United States of America, and we can afford (Yes we can) to repurchase and protect vital habitats for our kids and our grandkids.

This meadow haunts me, and I loathe the day that Traci (who lives just across the road) emails me that ‘dozers . . . Ugh!


3 thoughts on “Prime Meadow Habitat . . . Doomed?

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  2. It is so crucial to manage land development with keeping in mind, what wildlife lives near as well as what we may expect as migrating visitors. If State or Local governments do not recognize this need to save green spaces, land trusts are our only hope.

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  3. I agree! Wetlands, meadows and etc. are essential for our earth, people and wildlife. There is a well developed nature organization called the Camano/Whidbey Land Trust that purchases large areas of private land with the purpose of setting it aside for a reserve on the two islands. The properties are purchased with large amounts of monies by residents and others. These lands will be available for the people to enjoy the beauty of nature and a respite away from the noise of increase population growth. The intention is to preserve the wildlife on the island.


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