Got There Early to the Party

Skipper on Liatris Blooms photographed by Jeff Zablow in Big Bend Wildlife Management Area, Florida's Panhandle

The trusty butterfly field guides, and that ‘Destination’ article in NABA’s magazine all forewarned, get to Florida’s Big Bend Wildlife Management Area at certain times, especially during September. Well I was jammed up in September 2015, so necessity was that I’d have to come earlier, at the end of August. All this because certain wildflowers, especially Blazing Stars (Liatris spp.) bloom in September, and they attract, really attract butterflies. I knew this to be true, for in September 2014 a certain Monarch female nectared at my Pittsburgh garden for a whole week, sipping from my Gay Feather plants (AKA Blazing Star).

So I got to the party early, but was ecstatic to see that the Blazing Stars had begun to open their blooms. Too bad, I didn’t have a folding beach chair in my truck, for it was like the checkout line at a popular supermarket. Butterflies lined up to sip and swoon!

Funny I was just thinking that this Byssus Skipper butterfly (Problema Byssus) (Thanks, BAC),  so contradicts the political tone in the U.S. and Europe and beyond. The emphasis is treat all as you would like to be treated, and be welcoming to others, despite how they look or act. Yet with more than 500 posts here on, experience has it that there is a Skipper bias. My posts of Skippers contradicts the political mood about, and that will be reflected by a limited number of Views of this image. Skippers just don’t get the same play as Monarchs, Swallowtails or Parnassians.


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  1. Perhaps Bunchgrass Skipper also known as Byssus Skipper (Problema byssus) It’s range along the gulf coast matches where you were. None of the other skippers found in Florida (in my guides and online searches) look remotely like this one.

    Check out here:
    and here :

    I am by no means an expert on skippers or the butterflies of Forida , but that would be my closest guess without seeing a dorsal view.

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